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Wow -- $2 for a Madeira? That's quite a steal. But even if that means you'd be paying $46 today for the same wine (according to Jack's post above), what do you think a bottle of that from 1861 would be worth today?

I found this other blog (I included the link, by this guy who owns a rubbish removal and interior demolition company in Ridgewood, Queens, New York. He collects all this garbage, preserves it, then blogs about it. His latest post is of this 1969 Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, a Bordeaux that is missing one-fourth of its contents and has a rotted cork. But, the same wine (minus the missing contents and rotted cork) is selling on some Web sites for more than $1,000. So, I'm just curious, how much would these wines, which are decades older than his, be worth today?

Wine Making Kits

hmm, 1861 huh? That's pretty cool that there's still documents on wine from that time!

cheap eve isk

Wow - that is amazing. I wish my history course at university had included a wine module. 1861??? I think I was still stuck on Palmerston at that point...


Wow - that is amazing. I wish my history course at university had included a wine module. 1861??? I think I was still stuck on Palmerston at that point...


A menu this old is in the public domain. Also, there is no creative input in a scan intended to accurately portray a 2D work like this, so there is no new Copyright. In other words, you don't have any exclusive rights to the image of this menu. If people want to ignore your request not to use this scan they are free to do so and you have no legal recourse.

The Corkdork

Thanks for the note, Gretchen. I had a peek at your site - very cool. Isn't it also interesting that the Cognacs then are still top Cognacs now...Hine and Otard. (I've never tasted Otard, though...) - John


Wow! Of course, we can only hope that Crab Cider is made from crab apples and not seafood...


Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!


The Corkdork

Great idea! I know at the time, you could buy dinner for a family of 4 for well under a dollar in a good restaurant, so these prices are a good indication on how fancy the hotel was. - CD

Jack Everitt

Checking two online inflation calculators, $1 is about $23 today
$2 is about $46 (for Ch. Margaux)
$2.50 is about $57
$3 is about $69 (for Cliquot)

Not as cheap as you thought, eh?

Thank's for uploading such a Readable image, too.

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