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The Corkdork

I get it right at Kermit Lynch, and I think I paid 13.00 a half, and 24 for a whole bottle. Not sure if KL is still the importer of ZH wines at this point. I"ll get back to you. This is kind of a novelty wine from ZH, as it has all those wild flavors that are the result of the mish-mash of grapes. I hope you can also check out some of the vineyard designate wines from the property. The better ones really are mind-blowing.


ulterior epicure

I just tasted this "Zind" Zind-Humbrecht last night. It was truly a surprising drink - complex, off-dry, yet full of the syrupy familiarities of a dessert wine. Amazing. I had this as a part of a multi-course pairing. (Sign up for a Flickr account and email me your user name to see pictures of my entire meal plus wine pairings). Do you remember how much you paid for this bottle of Zind (2002 vintage)?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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