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I may be the only adult among my family and friends who will drink milk. I'd have as much trouble getting them to have some milk with their chocolate as I did getting them to try the Greek dessert wine I got for it.
I think there are some foods that cry out for milk. Besides chocolate, oatmeal cookies come to mind. Also some kinds of sandwiches.

Johnny Ruin

I couldn't agree more about preferring milk to a Port with a rich dessert. Contrast is what is needed in this circumstance and milk hits the spot.

The Countess

I recently discovered Valrhona while looking for better chocolate. I haven't had it yet, but I know it's one of the best. I found a web site where I can buy it, and I plan to buy some of it in late October so I can bake some delectable chocolate treats for my family. My husband and I are going into the personal chef business, and I will specialize in desserts, especially chocolate. Maybe once we become settled and have numerous clients I will be able to afford to buy Valrhona chocolate to make my desserts for the business. For the time being, I'm using Giarardelli, Lindt, and Droste. They're not bad at all.

I agree that a cold glass of milk is probably the best thing to drink with chocolate. It's comfort food.

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