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boy med exam

Excellent site I have bookmarked your site and I will come back soon!


better late than never. I've put up my WBW 17 post here:


having worked with a few NZ wineries... i am looking forward to my first WBW. Simple question... is there anything i need to do other than review and post on my wine blog and alert you?


Feel a road trip coming on. When Central is a little over 3 hours away and Waipara is about 5.. See you in January!
Buon Natale


You do mean 2006, not 2007 in your title? Hope to join you there.


If anyone's looking for suggestions, may I humbly recommend anything you can find from Felton Road. I was just down there visiting a month ago, and their pinot is simply astounding. Peregrine and Waitiri Creek are also quite good.

Bill Wilson

An excellent topic! I just tried my second NZ pinot noir last week and will look forward to having this excuse to try more.

See you on January 4!

Ryan Opaz

Problem, living here in Spain doesn't give me wide access to wines outside of Spain Portugal and France. Any thoughts on what a Spanish land locked individual can do? Maybe a Pinot Noir from here as they tend to be up and coming in the Penedes region. Or maybe a SB/Pn combo in tribute to NewZealand? I love the wines of NZ and I miss having the selection that I had back in the states. On the other hand I can't complain, Spain is a pretty fun place to drink wine!


As a Kiwi and a rabid All Blacks supporter...this is right down my alley....might do something from Waipara which is the area I'm from



jens at cincinnati wine warehouse

Having recently discovered the Pinots from Central Otago, I will venture over to Hawkes Bay to taste some Bordeaux blends. Wish me luck as I might not come back.

jens at cincinnati wine adventures

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