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I was very dissappointed. Seems that every wine maker now thinks they are Helen Turley and have access to Helen Turley fruit. Everyone is picking beyond 25 brix, over extracting the wine, then trying to acid adjust to give some sort of "balance". But they're failing, and producing something I can't eat with dinner. I love zin but I'm tired of this and I'm not buying any more. Many of these same tone-deaf winemakers are using the same techniques with pinot, ruining that as well.
You know what I think? I think most of these wine makers can't taste, and it's evident in their wine.

Jonathan Branch

Crushpad Zins were not that great. But I heard some of the garagisites are making some good wines there. Try the Donkey and A Goat Pinot Noir and the Anima Celars Cab.

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