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I actually ran thru the demo yesterday at Mac World. It does work, but needs more development time to be as feature rich as I would require. From my perspecitve i have to do too much data entry.

So the basis is a bar code scanner and a "proprietary" database of skus. You scan a barcode, and the software (which is NOT web enabled) hits an installed database for identification. The system then opens a screen for you to add additional information like Vintage, tasting notes and location in your cellar. I would definately check this out if you have a large collection, or are an F/B manager.

What i don't like is that there is no way (as of yesterday) to update your skus from the web, nor is there any cooperation yet from the wineries to provide this information in a data format that would make this possible. Also, since bottle shots and labels are already available from most wine sites, I would like to images associates with the skus.

I would keep my eye on the product, and although i felt rushed out of the booth as i asked more technical questions, as a barcode scanner system it seems fine.

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