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peets coffee

Fair Trade Coffee is an organization that protects the laborers who work hard to bring you great coffee. Fair Trade

Coffee is produced a bit differently from regular beans, but still ensures that the beans are of the highest caliber.

In the United States people drink a lot of coffee, from cappuccino to espresso. Most people couldn't face a day without

their morning cup, but most people have no clue how coffee is made. Fair Trade Coffee helps bring information on this

process to the many coffee drinkers in the U.S.


I haven't tried this offering from Peet's, but my experience with natural process coffees sounds similar to yours.

I went from working in the wine business to working for a local roaster in Portland,OR, and in my introduction to cupping coffees I was initially confused. Everyone was dissecting flavors that were new to me and elusive. Then some natural processed Ethiopians showed up on the table and I had a real "a-ha" moment. So different, so much berry and leathery chocolate that I almost felt my palate physically calibrate itself to the new sensations.

If you are ever in Portland you should come to the Stumptown Annex, a tasting room for coffees that hosts cuppings twice a day. It's a lot of fun and a good break from tasting wine out in the valley.


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