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Tom Steferak

Do you know anyone that takes synthetic corks? Also, is Corks4Kids still taking cork donations? I couldn't get through their posted e-mail.

Annette Renee White

Those are great ideas. I created a large cork board, but I still have more corks to use!


I have started a large cork recycling project and I am wanting all of your unwanted corks . The project is not a small one and will take thousands to complete . Each one will be used and will be recycled . I will except all that you send to me . I will except all types of bottle corks , so please pass them on .

Peter May

Hi- Cuvaison Estate Wines has started a national cork recycling program. Check it out!


hi everyone:)just looking for any people who can send me any info about where i can get it the cork from for my chair project would be so greatfull for any email back on thanks corkmaniacks:)if any of simply want get rid of it more than welcome so please let me know all the best !!!!!
michael m.cheers


Hi it seems like the Corks 4 Kids site is still up: here's the link:


Do you know anyone that takes synthetic corks? Also, is Corks4Kids still taking cork donations? I couldn't get through their posted e-mail or phone #.


I live in Odessa , TX and I am wanting all the corks that I can get . I am building a showroom that will display thousands of pieces or different glassware and other bar,and tavern items . The corks will used to make the display tables and other items in which the glassware will be placed and displayed . No cork will be discard , and all will be recycled . Feel free to contact me a if interested in taking part of this project .


I have collected hundreds of corks and would like to donate them to a charity similar to "Korks for Kids" above, but I am having trouble finding one in my area. I live in Connecticut. Any ideas?


I make a variety of corkboards (bulletin boards) using recycled corks and old windows. I donate all of the proceeds of the sales of these items to a cancer hospital, the City of Hope. I gladly accept donations of corks, please send them my way!

    Debbie Breech
    c/o Dealer Operating Control Services
    2120 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 400
    Santa Monica, CA 90403

Feel free to contact me through my website if you have any questions:

G. McNeil

I am still looking for wine corks to recycle. If you ship them to me at Wine Cork Art & Accessories, PO Box 155, Old Ocean, TX 77463-0155. Include your address and I will refund your shipping charges. Thanks, G. McNeil

David Gray, Salut! Wine Co.

We save our corks for customers wanting them for craft projects...I suggest seeking out your local wine shop or small restaurant and ask them to save corks for you, if you so desire!

The Corkdork

Cathy, please either post your mailing address for corks or send it to me by email at thecorkdork (at sign) gmail (dot) com and I'll forward to those who inquire. Corkdork

cathy gary

I am in need of corks!! I want to do a craft project at the nursing home where my mother in law lives. I have been promising them we would make bulletin boards as soon as I gather enough corks. I would pay the shipping costs if you have the corks!! Thanks, Cathy

sheri rexrode

I have been saving wine and champagne corks for years now. I know that my supply could benefit any organization for recycling. If you are still in need of wine corks, please respond. Thanks, Sheri

G. McNeil

Cork Recycling
I recycle wine corks by making many different types of "art" with them. I'll take all the corks you want to send me. Thanks!
G. McNeil
Wine Cork Art
PO Box 155
Old Ocean, TX 77463


Please recycle wine corks by sending them prepaid to:
Coldwater Market
Attn: Cathy
P.O. Box 796
Coldwater, MS 38618



To recycle wine corks, email and get an authorization #, then mail them to:

Cork Recycling
The Widget Mfg. Co., Inc.
12503 Exchange Dr., Suite 500
Stafford, TX 77477

Korks for Kids

"Korks 4 Kids" is a campaign just recently launched in Pennsylvania. This program is accepting wine corks, as well as cork product from consumers, restaurants, hotels and other organizations to recycle. A charitable contribution from recycling the cork will be distributed to charities to help sick children. For more information on this Cork Recycling Program:
Recycle Cork USA, LLC.
Korks 4 Kids
510 Wynwood Road
York, Pennsylvania 17402
Thank you in advance for your generous CORK DONATION !

The Corkdork

Wow, Mike! That'll hold a million bottles of wine! Not sure if there's enough recycled cork to be had for that kind of storage. Good luck.

Mike Cleary

I am developing a 11 story 500,000 sq ft cold storage building that has floors walls and ceilings with 4" to 8" of cork contiguous to the cold storage areas in the building. I am looking to see if there is a chance to recycle the cork product in the building.


I have been looking for a place to send wine corks. They will be on the way to you shortly! Now I am looking for a place to recycle light bulbs too.

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