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Addison Rex

Thanks for the great article - a lot of great information about Deerfield here. If you haven't already seen my blog you should check it out. I write about my experience working as an intern at Deerfield:

Marshall from WineQ

I found this discussion very fascinating, so I appreciate the post. Robert Rex seems like a really sharp guy and I would love the opportunity of meeting him at some point when I'm in the bay area.

One of the things I appreciate so much about the wine industry is all of the unique stories and people behind the wines. To me, this always imbibes a product with a more personal and three-dimensional feel.

My interest is piqued -- I may have to buy myself a bottle of that Sangiovese...


Thank you -- very interesting background here about Deerfield.

I look forward to trying some Biodynamic wines myself and seeing if I can taste a difference.

Incidentally, WineQ offers quite a few Deerfield wines, including the Sangiovese you mentioned, with free shipping.

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