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The Corkdork

Thanks for the comment, Marcus. I'll do my best to participate. I hosted "Red Kiwis" WBW #17, I believe, and it was a lot of work then, and we have a lot more participants now. Best of luck.



Corkdork, I love it. Send me "your permalink for further examination" -- by the way that may be a phrase I start adopting on a regular basis. It's brilliant. I promise to credit you. After all, you are the CORKDORK, which is obviously the best wineblog handle of all time!

Sorry for you deadlines. I feel for you, seriously. WBW-originator Lenn Thompson offered me hosting-rights for May 2007 and when I said I would do it, it was about year and three months before I was offered (and accepted) my current and very demanding day job.

Man, I got deadlines. But we both know that Languedoc-Roussillon is worth it. Cheers!

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