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I read the first few words of your post and got all excited, thinking "I've inspired someone." Then I realized it was another Lia. Oh well. Lia (the other one), I'll have to check out This Little Piglet!

Loved your post . . . made me miss Brooklyn too.

Lia (Huber)

The Corkdork

The Slope is where I had my last Brooklyn apartment. I enjoyed shopping and cooking around there, but at the time (I left in '88) it didn't have the old world charm of Cobble Hill/Carroll Gardens/The Heights.

If you find some great spots, make sure to post!



I recently moved from Cobble Hill to Park Slope and I have to say, I miss the old neighborhood so much already (and it's not even that far away). Your descriptions are all so familiar as my husband and I used to run the same errands before making our own delicious breakfasts at home. We haven't quite gotten into the swing of things yet in our new place, but I can already tell that I'll have some new neighborhood favorites soon enough.

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