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Genevieve McCarthy

Spain is actually becoming a leading source of fine kosher wines. Here are suggestions for specific cellars in Spain offering kosher wines for export-

john witherspoon

Hey CorkDork,

thanks for the great topic

my contribution:


My contribution:



I have some great posts on Israeli wine (mostly kosher) and where to buy Israeli (kosher and non-kosher) wines in the US, including some boutique wines not common in the supermarket or wine shop.

Wine Predator aka Gwendolyn Alley

Heads up: If you're visiting a kosher winery you may find a message like this on their website: Herzog Wine Cellars will be closed April 9-17 in observance of Passover. The winery will reopen on Sunday, April 19th.

Guess I'm going tomorrow or else!

Karen G

Very excited to blog about this one. Now we can be sure what should to pair with Mazo Balls. :-)


Oh,and the Covenant is awesome as is the Chateau Giscours. I like Jeff Morgan's Red C too.


Thanks for hosting this topic! It's a subject that is near and dear to my heart and I'm already plotting my post. I'm really looking forward to seeing what everybody can find. In NY, my possibilities are limitless, but I'm curious what others find.

art predator

I'm lucky with this WBW since Herzog is located in nearby Oxnard! I've tasted a few of their wines here and there but haven't been to their tasting room before now. Thanks for the excuse!


Great and timely topic! I'm looking forward to the exploration, and maybe it will even mean having an excellent wine to serve at Passover.

Loweeel from PSychospath

Just a warning, do not get Gedeon Petite Sirah. It is awful, nasty, undrinkable swill. You can get more pleasure for your money by taking a Hamilton out of your wallet, lighting it on fire, and accidentally burning down your house.

Hagafen makes excellent wines (and their whites are a nice value as well); for reds, I like to go Israeli.

Remy Charest

Very good theme. Indeed, there is quite a Manischewitz-related stigma to Kosher wines.

Looking at the SAQ lists, for Quebec, there are dozens of Kosher wines available, from Israel, California, France and Spain (Celler Cap├žanes, which is really, really good stuff). It's even more than I would have expected. Should make for a delicious tasting.


The Corkdork

Very true, Rob. I did learn yesterday that when you read that some wines, like Ch. Giscours is Kosher, what it really means is that there are some bottles that are kosher from specific lots/tanks, etc.
Sonodora, check K&L, for instance. I think there's one in your area and they have a bunch of good choices from Israel, California, and France.


makes sense as a theme for Passover. Ready to make it happen.

Sonadora, more wines are kosher than you think. Especially as Passover is getting closer I would bet that many retailers would be able to tell you which of their wines are kosher. Fair warning however on bottles from manischewitz...


Interesting theme. Any hints on where to find Kosher wine? It's not something I've noticed at my local stores....

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