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art predator

I went to Herzog the week before WBW--only to find it already closed for Passover!

I went last night and just wrote a review of 6 of their wines--please check it out!


Great round up!

Jonathan Kagan

Thanks for all your hard work in pulling together this nice look at kosher wines. From your blog, I first learned of Covenant (Napa) and tried both their wines at my seder. I found them, the "Covenant" and "Red C" both very much better than any kosher wine I'd had previously (and I've had many). But even more, I particularly appreciate your last paragraph (above) because most of what people seem to be writing these days, when it comes to kosher wines, seems to me to suffer from the difficulty in unhooking from the past dearth of any kosher wines to taste and, as a result, exults these newer kosher entrants with praise that is totally out of proportion. I suspect some of your contributors only drink kosher wine and so, for them, this whole expansion is 'all good'. For those who don't restict ourselves, there is a vastly larger world of comparison in which only a very few of these kosher wines really rise much above the 'acceptable' level, and when price is factored in, they often fail badly. If we want to see continual improvement in this niche market, kosher wine consumers will need to judge these products on their actual merits, and we need to 'get over' the giddiness that we finally have some choice (justifiable delight, notwithstanding).

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